sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

Being a submissive...

When my Master calls, I shall come
Crawling or running as is his wish
And kneel before my everything
To be used or loved at his whim

His voice is all i hear
His desire is all i dream to fulfill
His hands are both the givers and takers
The moulder of my freshly broken will

His eyes looking down upon me
Hold my deepest chastening and highest praise
He is the owner of my mind, body and soul
In everything i seek only His ways

Before him i bow at the end of his day
When He is tired and weary of it all
And i strive to relax and please Him
His slave am i at his beckoned call

When He wants music
i shall sing
When he wants sex
He shall demand anything
His wants and desires
My code and my guide
To him alone
i pledge my pride

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